ADAM - Another's Drinking Affects Me


A.D.A.M. is a website for young people who are concerned about or may be affected by another person’s drinking.

The person may be your Mum, Dad, a grandparent, a brother, a sister or a friend.

A.D.A.M has been developed in consultation with young people who have experienced harm as a result of someone else’s drinking and offers an opportunity to explore IF and HOW you are being affected.

1 in 2 people

in Scotland say they have been negatively affected by someone else’s drinking.


An estimated 51,000 children and young people in Scotland live with a parent who has an alcohol problem.  Many suffer in silence and may find it difficult to talk about what is happening at home.

A.D.A.M. offers suggestions on how to cope and provides sources of help and support.


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